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New Age

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Price Donation Coins Bonus Total
10e 200 0 200
20e 400 0 400
30e 600 0 600
50e 1000 100 1100
80e 1600 320 1920
100e 2000 600 2600
150e 3000 1200 4200
200e 4000 2000 6000

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Upon making a donation you automatically agree to all terms below:
Donations are materials given by private persons without receiving anything in exchange.
You agree, that by making a donation you are not buying any product or service.
To show our appreciation we reward donators with Credits in return for their support.
The donations are used to keep the server running, as well as improving our network.
You agree, that all transactions made are final and will not be refunded in any way.
You agree, that virtual assets such as player items will not be restored if lost or stolen.